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12 things Irish people with a heap of cousins will understand

We are family, I got my heap of cousins with me.

HAVING A BIG family is a blessing.

We think…

1. Every gathering is a sesh

When you were young, you’d play together. Now, you have a big group of people to go on the sesh with at every family gathering. Lucky you.

1912115_648642675213881_3163332715403717020_o Source: BlogSpot

2. You have a favourite cousin

Usually, the one closest to your age. The favourite cousin is your bestie in the family, and the one you actually take the time to meet up with outside of the usual obligations.

cL7UFFw Source: Imgur

3. It’s a constant competition

Well… Mark managed to get his degree AND hold down a job in Spar. Why do you keep asking me for money?
Yeah well what about Sarah, she’s gone off interrailing for the summer and Auntie May paid for it all.

[Continue until death]

mom-annoying-miley-cyrus-parents-wrong Source: Gurl

4. The youngest is spoiled to bits

The last born of your grandparents ten million grandchildren will get the most attention at every occasion, you can be sure of it.

200 Source: Giphy

5. The Christmas Kris Kindle was like a lucky dip

HOW does your grandmother manage to get you all gifts, when you get stuck with scabby Aunt Jemima in the Kris Kindle.

200 Source: Giphy

6. You’ve met about fifty different boyfriends and girlfriends

… and you secretly had a favourite but you can’t tell Lothario Sean that now, can you?

daria-jane-hug Source: Gurl

7. You have access to every profession you could possibly want

We’ve got an emergency over here!
Hey, it’s OK, my cousin is a doctor!

shutterstock_58302421 Source: Hummings

8. The WhatsApp group consists of old photos of your parents with dodgy haircuts

They were young once too :o

tumblr_mrofxxmnPb1s3me36o1_250 Source: Tumblr

9. Invites are a nightmare

You can’t have one without the other.

Here’s what your cousins arriving to your small get together looks like:


10. You can’t imagine only having one or two cousins

Who do you TALK TO? Where is the kids table at gatherings? Oh my God the humanity!

TqyrxbW Source: Imgur

11. Family photos are an exercise in squeezing into the frame and looking at the camera

vaZ8MTZ Source: Imgur

12. But the best thing is, you know you have a stack of lifelong ready-made friends

2ZbrsJo Source: Imgur

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