Netflix have revealed the shows Irish people first binged on

You can also find out your own.

WE’RE ALL HOPELESSLY addicted to Netflix.

Source: Netflix

The streaming service found that it only takes 12 days for a new user to begin bingeing on their offerings.

Binges usually last three days, and 35 percent of Irish users watch their first binge again.

Over 90 percent of Irish members who joined Netflix since October 2012 have experienced their first binge. Can you actually use Netfix without them?

Netflix also found that it now takes less and less time to finish a binge than it did five years ago.

The top five shows we binge are

1. Breaking Bad

Of course, what did you even talk about to your colleagues in 2014 other than this?

Source: Netflix

2. Orange is the New Black

Cancel your plans on those June weekends.

Source: Netflix

3. House of Cards

The shock still gets you.

Source: Netflix

4. Narcos

If only a season lasted longer.

Source: Netflix

5. Stranger Things

This one is virtually impossible to stop watching.

Source: Curtis Baker

The next fifteen are just as predictable:

6. Peaky Blinders

7. Making a Murderer

8. Gossip Girl

9. Prison Break

10. Sons of Anarchy

11. Power

12. Suits

13. Pretty LIttle Liars

14. 13 Reasons why

15. The Inbetweeners

16. The Vampire Diaries

17. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

18. American Horror Story

19. The Killing

20. Homeland

What was your first binge? Find out!

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