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10 things that show Irish people are friendly to a fault

We’re polite to a fault.

St Patricks Festivals Source: Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland

US IRISH ARE renowned for our friendliness and hospitality.

In fact, we’re almost friendly and polite to a fault.

1. You will spend 10 minutes trying to give directions to any tourist who asks

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Where’s the Guinness Storehouse? Glad you asked.

*whips out phone, explains three different routes to get there*

2. And you will spend the rest of the day fretting over whether they ever actually got there in the end

giphy (10) Source: Reddit

3. If  you come across any tourists at all, you go to great pains to recommend things to do

British Royal Visits to Ireland

“No, you have to go to this little pub I know. Let me show you on my map.”

4. You always say “Thank you” to the bus driver

giphy (11) Source: weirdisnotmainstream/Tumblr

Even if your journey was horribly delayed or deeply unpleasant.

5. If it’s just you and another person in a lift, you’ll comment on the weather just for the sake of saying something

giphy (12) Source: televisionwithoutpity/Tumblr

After all, you’d hate for anyone to think you were unfriendly or aloof.

6. If someone asks if the chair next to you is free, you basically beg them to take it

giphy (17) Source: Reddit

“It’s yours! Please! Be my guest! Go ahead!”

7. “I’ll leave you go” is the only appropriate way to exit a conversation

giphy (13) Source: gif-database/Tumblr

God forbid you say, “I have to go” or “I have nothing left to say.”

No, instead you pretend you’re the one holding the other person up. It’s the natural order.

8. If someone bangs into you, you will definitely apologise

We’re all nice, friendly people here. No need for the situation to escalate.

9. Going to the kitchen without offering to make everyone a cup of tea is simply not an option

giphy (18) Source: usedgamer/Tumblr

Curse the person who actually takes you up on your offer, though.

10. And if someone compliments you on your outfit, you will do everything in your might to turn it back on them

giphy (20) Source: Giphy

Accept a compliment? Never. Don’t want anyone thinking you’re getting up yourself.

“Go away, I’m a total state. You look absolutely stunning, though!”


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