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15 things Irish people who grew up with a heap of siblings will know

It was a tough life.

IF YOU GREW up with a heap of siblings, you’ll know.

1. Alone time was not an option

Growing up in your house, there was never a dull moment. A dull moment = nobody annoying you in some shape or form.

You had to share EVERYTHING.

2. You could barely do anything without it getting back to one of your siblings

Because you all went to school in the same area and had many of the same friends, every single tiny thing you ever did or any bit of mischief got back to them.

When you share a condo with 10 people shoes tend to collect in the same place. Haha #bigfamilyprobs #shoes #disneyworld2016 bertramfam01 bertramfam01

3. Dinner time was an exercise in shoving as much as you could down your throat

Seconds? LOL. Eat fast or don’t eat.

socialfeed-anyone-with-loads-of-siblings-can-relate-to-this-via-jukinmedia Ggpht Ggpht

4. You hid things before someone else got the chance

Mam just got back from shopping, GO FOR THE MEANIES!


5. You most likely slept on a bunk bed for most of your childhood

Hostal Numba in Boquete Ken_Mayer Ken_Mayer

6. You almost needed a scheduling system for the bathroom

You’d die of shock if the door wasn’t locked when you needed it.

08 Hallway Closets and Entrance (left) iriskh iriskh

7. Hand me downs were your whole wardrobe

Unless you were lucky enough to be the oldest. And your stuff gets stolen all the time. ALL THE TIME.


8. In school, your older siblings reputations automatically became yours

I expected better from Cliona Burke’s little sister…

- your principal, probably.

9. Going out together was a massive operation

Even if it was just to school.

10. Boyfriends and girlfriends had to be eased into meeting the whole family

It’s time for 20 questions!

LJl4fOc Imgur Imgur

11. At least you are never without company on family occasions

12. Even if group photos are basically impossible

13. You grew up fighting over the toy in the cereal, the ring in the brack, cream on the milk, and who was stuck with the crappy seat in the middle


14. Buying presents at Christmas time is ridiculously expensive

Can we not do a secret santa lads?

15. But you wouldn’t change a bit of it, you were guaranteed company

tumblr_n6aaonTwIK1qib1ebo7_250 Tumblr Tumblr

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