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9 ways the sun makes Irish people lose the run of themselves

Us? Get carried away? Never.

1. You genuinely think you might pick up a bit of a tan

sunbathing Source: Hans Splinter/Flickr

2. It’s only April, but you’re seriously considering having a barbecue.


3. You begin to strongly believe that all sunny days should be declared a national holiday

You don’t know how they manage to get any work done at all in Spain.

4. Your usage of the word “glorious” increases by 1000%

glorious Source: Vince Alongi/Flickr

5. Pints beckon, regardless of what day of the week is

6. And if you’re really fancy, you’ve got prosecco on ice

So what if it’s only Tuesday? Don’t judge me.

7. You might even consider whipping the shirt off

Tropical weather calls for a tropical dress code after all.

8. Until you somehow attain the appearance of a lobster


9. In fairness, it’s hard not to get carried away when this is your view

Stay glorious, Ireland.

giphy (7) Source: foshelle/Tumblr


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