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Irish people are 'dancebombing' the public, with mixed results

Dance like no one’s watching.

MOVE OVER PHOTOBOMB, get out the way videobomb. There’s a new way of pestering people and it’s called a dancebomb.

All it takes is an unsuspecting person to dance into.

Electric Ireland are running a competition to find the best videobombs in exchange for some Electric Picnic tickets.

The results so far, are a mixed bag.

We can all agree that this dancing granny needs to win immediately

ape1 maguiref maguiref

This mad yoke in the Botanic Garden’s definitely needs some kind of award

Niamh Ryan / YouTube

Keep working on those splits, man

ape2 Granters86 Granters86

The main target was tourists

ape4 aifreckle aifreckle

ape5 pixiewooo pixiewooo

And dads

ape6 Beanaldo Beanaldo

Guys on benches

ape7 jumangie91 jumangie91

Even fruit delivery men weren’t safe

ape3 becsandthecity becsandthecity

Don’t think you can hide in the shops


Or even the shower

Absolutely no one is safe, not even Jamie Heaslip

ape9 sineaddennis sineaddennis

Think you can do better? Use the hashtag #90spowerparty

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