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11 shocking realisations every Irish person goes through in Canada
It’s wonderful, but there are some things you should know.

Toronto Phil Grondin Phil Grondin

YESTERDAY THE VISAS for working in Canada were snapped up in a ridiculous 12 minutes – showing once again our enthusiasm for heading across the Atlantic.

But what can us Irish expect out there? Well, there are some outrageous and chilling revelations for all those that make it:

1. Horrible tax gets added to everything at the till

“Oh, this is $2. Perfect. I have a $2 coin on me.”

“That will be $2.25.”

tumblr_m9ckn3wgDj1qfc8cw Tumblr Tumblr

2. Finding out what Poutine actually tastes like

poutine dennis dennis

You’ve heard about it, but you never really knew.

We can’t describe it, you’ll just have to go there and find out.

3. Being an absolute tourist for the first couple of weeks is OK


House? Job? Real life? No. Sights need to be seen. But the fear of real life catching up with you will gnaw away until you’re a crumbling wreck frantically checking Craigslist.

4. You can spot other Irish people a mile away – it’s like a sixth sense

will-ferrell-4-500x500 Twitter Twitter

You just know that they’re Irish – even when they’re not in full county colours. A sly nod from both of you acknowledges this fact.

5. Your accent holds a majesty and awe that is very unexpected

Lift off! giori giori

^everyone, when they hear it for the first time.

6. ATMs charge you and you can’t deal with the frustration

eminem Wordpress Wordpress

If you use any other ATM apart from your own bank then they’ll whack a $3 fee on. You miss Ireland and the carefree way you could withdraw cash from anywhere in the country for nothing.

7. Canadian apartments come with a disgraceful lack of furniture

Upstairs front ndanger ndanger

Furnished apartments are just not a thing – you’re told as you arrive.

8. Experienced Irish in Canada will constantly tell you how expensive everything is


They’ve been there six months and they know all and see all.

“The prices over here, I tell ya, something else.”

9. Tipping is the inevitable price you pay for getting a drink

Sneaky Dee's haven't the slightest haven't the slightest

There is no exceptional service needed. If the bartender opens a bottle of beer for you, you’d better give them an extra dollar or two. It’s the (unwritten) rule of Canadian boozing.

10. Depending on when you go, the weather can be outrageous

drake-dance1 Madmimi Madmimi

Pitch up in summer in some places and it’s stiflingly hot. Arrive in winter and prepare your finest Good Jacket for the cold months ahead.

11. And finally, you will miss those classic Irish products you loved so much


“Sorry, what? You’ve never heard of Meanies?”

Some specialist stores have Irish stuff but the effort of going usually rules them out. You’ll end up munching Ruffles on a daily basis.

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