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Phoenix Park strolls and pints in Stoneybatter: Rascals co-founder describes his ideal day-off
Night Out, Night Off: Cathal O’Donoghue, head brewer and co-founder of Rascals Brewing Company, takes us through his favourite spots to spend his day (and night) off.
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# Have Ye No Homes
The 9 secrets of being a great bartender, according to veteran Irish bar staff
The unsung heroes of the pub.
# snapshot
12 intimate photos of Ireland's most inviting pub snugs
Get your orders in for a tour of Ireland’s intimate watering holes, as captured by photographer Finn Richards.
# the story of my pub
'Like stepping into the 1900s': Morrissey's in Abbeyleix is a glorious time capsule
Like all good pubs, it started out as a grocery shop and shebeen.
# fine food
30 Irish pubs feature in Michelin's newest eating out guide
The Bull and Ram in Co Down is the only pub to make its first appearance on the guide.
# brunch anyone
A pub in Dublin is serving up this monstrous 'unicorn' Easter egg
The lordblessusandsaveus.
# on the dry
A pub in Carlow is taking the piss out of Dry January with these 'special offers'
Oh they’ll give you ‘dry January’, alright.
# the snug
11 essential ingredients for the perfect Irish pub
Best pubs in the world, surely.
# Brutal
11 times Irish pubs did not give a single shite
Straight up.
# nice pub
This Irish pub in Nice has seriously stocked up for the Euros crowd
Bring on the games.
# nice pub
This Irish pub in Nice has seriously stocked up for the Euros' crowd
Bring on the games.
# need to know basis
11 things the world needs to know about Irish pubs
The manifesto.
# Best in the World
16 things that could only happen in Irish pubs
Can’t beat them.
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12 of the best tip jars ever spotted in Ireland
You actually can’t resist these.
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How many of these great pubs around Ireland have you been to?
Here’s a guide to make finding a great pub near you a touch easier.
12 signs that prove Irish pubs are the wisest in the world
So much wisdom.
# local gossip
This video perfectly sums up the kind of talk that goes on in Irish pubs
Shite talk, that is.
# the local
Good news Ireland! Living near a pub makes you happier
# just the one
12 essential ingredients for the perfect Irish pub
Slowly add pints, and stir gently.
# well hello
12 Irish bars with a surprise behind the door
When entering an Irish pub, expect the unexpected.
# well hello
12 Irish bars with a surprise behind the door
When entering an Irish pub, expect the unexpected.
# lager than life
How two men built a pub and brewing empire from the depths of the recession
We talked to one of the brains behind the Galway Bay Brewery about pub closures, craft beer and the Wetherspoon effect.
# Crunch time
The 11 definitive Irish bar snacks ranked
From worst to best.
# just for one
18 of the greatest Irish pubs that tourists (mostly) don't know about
Food? Are you joking?
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US police officer charged with biting a man's testicles during a fight outside an Irish pub
A fight broke out when Corporal Michael Flaig was accused of “rubbing his buttocks” on a woman.
# down the pub
Are You The Annoying Person At The Pub?
Do you share your crisps? DO YOU SHARE YOUR CRISPS?
# pints with a view
19 of Ireland's most spectacular pubs to drink pints with a view
Sit back with a cold one and LOOK.
# living the dream
This caravan has been converted into an Irish pub. And it's awesome
Pints. Anywhere, any time.
# beers at 10 paces
A row over cheap Heineken pints could derail JD Wetherspoon's march on Ireland
The Dutch brewer refused to supply the latest venue in Dún Laoghaire and things snowballed from there…
# Irish Pubs
Irish pub sign is the most Irish thing ever
You need to say it in an accent.
# looking well
Toners of Baggot Street looks terribly inviting in new American travel show
There’s no place like an Irish pub.
# Pub Culture
'Irish pubs need lower prices to survive': Wetherspoon's boss gives his take on boozers
But we’ve got some of the best barmen in the world, according to Tim Martin.
# Cheers
15 indisputable reasons Ireland's pubs are the best* in the world
*Well, they have a certain charm.
# Closing Time
More than 1,000 Irish pubs have had to shut down since 2007
And it’s all about tax, say industry chiefs.
# Wetherspoons
Here's all you need to know about Wetherspoon's new Irish pub
People are talking. Here’s why.
# good story
Watch Frank Kelly tell a great short story over a pint
‘Dog Pound’ has the Father Ted actor relate a real aul’ shaggy dog tale.
# corcán aisig
Useful, or terrible stereotype? This Irish pub has a 'puke bowl'
Not sure this is OK.
# barflies
21 pubs in Ireland you must visit before you die
How many have you had a pint in?
# just for one
Every Irish pub ever, summed up in one video
*sound of glass smashing* *loud cheers*
# chaser
How many things can you buy in an Irish pub?
Wellies? Oven gloves? Toilet roll?