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11 things the world needs to know about Irish pubs

The manifesto.

IRISH PUBS ARE the most welcoming places in the world, but there are some important things the world should know about them before entering:

1. Crisps are a communal snack for everyone at your table or in your vicinity

If you really want a full bag you’ll have to buy extra. Thems the rules.

2. Also, don’t be expecting any fancy crisps or unique flavours

Good start to a quiz night. I always do better when I'm a bit tipsy. 😜

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You’ll be a long time waiting for the hand-cooked kettle variety.

3. There will be a random collection of GAA jerseys and old newspaper clippings up on walls without an explanation


4. There may also be coat hooks underneath the bar – don’t be alarmed

IMG_1065 Source: Amberwell

5. Ordering the Guinness first is a national pastime rooted in practicality

It takes longer. Get it in there first.

6. There’s a good chance there will be one auld lad sitting at the bar reading a paper – he’s not to be talked to or distracted in any way

Source: MattHurst

7. A beer mat across the top of a drink means that it can’t be touched, and that the seats are taken

mealit2 Source: Twitter

8. Some of the signs up around the place might feature some local… slang

image1 Source: David Poland

9. You’re not obliged to enter the local raffle that’s advertised all over the bar

raffle Source: Twitter

10. If there is a snug and it’s free, the best idea is to take it there and then

In the snug

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The chance won’t come around for quite some time/the rest of your life.

11. And finally when it’s late and packed… leaving without saying goodbye to your friends is not only acceptable, it’s preferred

s-b10b89063d6575898e80e080d39496e306283750 Source: Onedio

If you go to them to tell them you’re leaving you’ll just be convinced to stay.

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