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10 very Irish romantic gestures

Who said romantic Ireland was dead and gone?

1. Going to the shop to pick up a life-saving breakfast roll/chicken fillet roll when your partner is absolutely hanging

And delivering it to you as you lie on your deathbed.


BlqBGCfIcAA3owf Source: Xamyjedward26XX/Twitter

2. Offering to go out and investigate The Big Noise in the middle of the night

You, tentatively: “I’ll go out…?”

Your partner: “No, I’ll do it.”


bignoise Source: Flickr

3. Being a selfless martyr and letting your partner have the last Viscount biscuit/chip/slice of pizza

biscuit Source: Flickr

4. Turning on the immersion for your partner…


5. And not scolding them when they forget to turn it off

“I love you, so I’ll let this one slide.”

giphy (8) Source: Giphy

6. When your boyfriend or girlfriend picks you up after a night on the town

And you babble away in the front seat and they quietly endure it with the patience of a saint.


7. Being the one to run out to retrieve the clothes off the washing line when it starts lashing 

It’s the little things, you see.

giphy (23) Source: strongenoughgirl/Tumblr

8. Offering your partner your jacket when it’s 2.30am on Camden Street and they’re bloody freezing

Who said chivalry was dead?

giphy (24) Source: funnyjunk

9. Hurling insults like “sap”, “numpty” and “geebag” at each other

And knowing it’s tinged with love and affection.

geebag Source: grandgrand

10. Uttering the words, “I’ll put on the kettle” when you arrive home after a long day in work

*content sigh*


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