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Here are Irish people's 10 most fondly-remembered school books

The results may surprise you.

OUR PRIMARY SCHOOL days are far behind us, yet some of us still hold treasured memories of smelly classrooms, poster paint and tiny, tiny milk cartons.

At least that’s according to Done Deal, who surveyed over a thousand Irish people about their favourite school books – from Peig to Busy At Maths to little old Lusaí Luch.

Here, in reverse order, are the books they remembered most fondly.

10. The Lusaí Luch, Lorcan Luch, Pól Peist and Áine Asal books

scan0008-448x500 Source: Irish Memory

Our first introduction to the Irish language is all the way down at the bottom of the list. Why the hate for poor old Lusaí Luch?

9. Tara and Ben

Tara & Ben Source: boards.ie

Fair play to the people who remembered that far back into Junior Infants to vote for Tara and Ben.

8. A Way with Words

awaywithwords Source: schoolandofficeworld.ie

This English book is probably too recent for us.

7. Soundings

soundings Source: Flickr

The country’s love for this poetry book is well documented. So why isn’t it higher up on the list? Interesting.

6. Spraoi

doh000100-christmas-annuals_page_06 Source: Folens

Spraoi, but no Sugradh. The great Best Folens Annual Debate rages on.

5. Siamsa

newsiam Source: Jasmin Chadwick

Siamsa has just pipped Spraoi to the post as Ireland’s favourite school annual. But in our hearts, we love them both equally.

4. Peig

peig-2 Source: TheJournal.ie

Yes, despite everything, Peig is in the top five. PEIG.

3. New Treasury of English

treasuryofenglish Source: ThePaddy.ie

This English class favourite is a solid if surprising choice for third place.

2. Ann and Barry

ann1 Source: Audrey Cunningham

Anne and Barry are held in higher esteem than their curly-haired counterparts Tara and Ben, eh? FIIIIIGHT!

1. Busy At Maths

busy-at-maths-2-390x516 Source: TheJournal

It may be hard to believe, but 22% Irish people said Maths was their favourite subject. So Busy At Maths is our most fondly remembered book. Maths!

Do you agree? Is Bun Go Barr sorely missing from the line up? Let us know in the comments.

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