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7 very Irish sex education stories

“When a man and a woman love each other very much…”

IRELAND’S SEX EDUCATION has been hitting the headlines this week, doing wonders for stocks of Sellotape no doubt.

It seems that over the years varied and interesting ways of imparting information about the mysteries of ‘the bould thing’ to the youth of Ireland have been tried and tested.

We’ve rounded up some tales from around DailyEdge.ie and TheJournal.ie towers from tin foil condoms to paper hearts….


A nun in first year told us….

phpme Source: Flickr/Llimllib


We didn’t get a sex talk as far as I remember but…

nat1 Source: Wikimedia Commons


We weren’t allowed in when the girls were getting their talk and…



When I was in third year…

crux Source: Flickr/Bernt Rostad


I remember…

heart Source: Abdul/Yunir

“…he held up the last tiny piece then and said “And THIS is all you’ll have left to give your TRUE LOVE.”


I do remember the woman saying that it was only advisable to have sex when you love someone and if you are married…

bouq Source: Flickr/Lee J Haywood


Our school was actually really good, they had proper, sensible people in to talk to us about safe sex, consent etc. The best part was the unbelievable stories that came out of it…

tinf Source: Flickr/Oatsy40

We want to hear your sex education stories, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Let it all hang out in the comment section…

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