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15 'Irish' things for sale on Etsy that will make all Irish people cringe

As Irish as saying ‘Top o’ the morning.’ (Not very Irish at all.)

1. This auld lad cap for your tiny baby

I hand crocheted this Irish Donegal cap baby hat to fit newborn infant baby boys. It will fit to approximately 2 weeks of age.

il_570xN.460920047_espp Source: Etsy

2. A cushion with an image of a squirrel holding a shamrock

Ah yes, that famous symbol of Irish culture.

This throw pillow features a portrait of my good friend Shamus O’Squirrel holding his lucky three-leaf clover as he celebrates St. Paddy’s Day.

il_570xN.930444022_jal4 Source: Etsy

3. Ho, ho, ho. It’s like reading my diary.

il_570xN.743500161_htw3 Source: Etsy

4. What’s this, you ask? Why it’s a shamrock made from ‘real Irish bog’


il_570xN.276418155 Source: Etsy

5. Because nothing says Irish like a haggard looking Garfield half-heartedly holding a sign that says “Blarney”

Oh doesn’t it make your heart swell with pride?

il_570xN.996403202_47or Source: Etsy

6. Stout-scented soap


il_570xN.1051050688_h1iy Source: Etsy

7. This bleak enough hen party tattoo

What Irish stereotypes?

il_570xN.721844945_3kdl Source: Etsy

8. A t-shirt that reads, ‘Namastay at the pub and drink’

I think Yeats wrote that one.

il_570xN.929488832_jl9x Source: Etsy

9. Haven’t heard that one before!

il_570xN.569506023_5fke Source: Etsy

10. The centrepiece of every Irish home.

il_570xN.785826512_1knw Source: Etsy

11. Side-note: there should absolutely be a reality show called Feis Moms

il_570xN.935731868_5722 Source: Etsy

12. This honestly reads like a bad improvised outtake from The Sopranos

“Yeah that’s a bit corny, let’s try it again.”

il_570xN.918176681_gx2o Source: Etsy

13. *eyeroll*

il_570xN.935845776_mc81 Source: Etsy

14. Imagine telling your Mam you spent  €15 plus shipping on a chain with an auld threepence attached to it

il_570xN.761574462_1owf Source: Etsy

15. And finally… this leprechaun-infused nightmare

Oh God. Is this what the world thinks of us?

il_570xN.996758989_d98r Source: Etsy

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