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11 songs that'll take you right back to the Irish summer of 1995

1995 was a great year for excellent summer tunes.

AH, THE SUMMER OF 1995 – the warmest summer on record. How could you not remember it? Or the exceptional tunes that soundtracked it?

Yes. These songs are all 20 years old. *dies*

1. So Good – Boyzone

X0043 Source: Disca

In July of 1995, five Irish lads called Keith, Mikey, Shane, Ronan and Stephen (RIP) were just about to cross over into superstardom.

This was their first upbeat single, one of only four upbeat songs they would release in the band’s lifetime. Really.

2. Country House – Blur

Country_House_CD_single Source: Wikimedia

Is “He lives in a house, a very big house in the counTRAYYYY…” not the catchiest hook of all time?

Country House was number one in Ireland for five weeks in 1995, fending off stiff competition from…

3. Roll With It – Oasis

oasis_roll_with_it_940 Source: Wordpress

They say Blur’s record label purposely moved forward the release of Country House to clash with Roll With It, thus beginning one of the biggest rivalries the music world has ever seen.

People are still fighting over which was the better song, 20 years on. (It’s Country House, soz Oasis fans.)

4. Boom Boom Boom – The Outhere Brothers

The_Outhere_Brothers_-_Boom_Boom_Boom Source: Kult-cd

Boom BOOMBOOM, lemmehearyousaywayo – WAYO!

It was stuck in your head then, and it’ll be stuck in your head now.

5. Never Forget – Take That

e4970 Source: Roxcalibur

As Boyzone entered the pop world in 1995, Take That were just about to leave it.

After Robbie Williams left, the band released Never Forget as a four-piece – and broke up less than a year later to mass hysteria. Boo.

6. Kiss From A Rose – Seal

seal-ii-4e3c627d390da Source: fanart.tv

Kiss From A Rose soundtracked Batman Forever – a blockbuster of a song fit for a blockbuster of a movie.

It’s still a right belter. Go on, sing along.

7. I’ll Be There For You – The Rembrandts

e1764 Source: Roxcalibur

You might have heard of a little TV show called Friends? No? Anyway, the growing popularity of the sitcom catapulted its theme tune to the top of the charts.

Let’s be honest, it’s still one of the best theme songs going.

8. A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins

114591462 Source: Cdandlp

This sounded like pretty much nothing else on the radio in 1995, and stormed the charts all over the world.

Its inclusion on the Empire Records soundtrack pretty much sealed the deal.

9. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - U2

600 Source: U2

U2′s contribution to the Batman Forever soundtrack was also a massive deal in the summer of 1995.

We could have done without ever hearing Bono’s weird moaning at the end. Thanks all the same.

10. Alright – Supergrass

Supergrass-Alright--Time-65761 Source: Eil

The lyrics of Alright perfectly captured how it felt to be a teen in the summer of ’95 - who could resist proclaiming they had “teeth, nice and clean”?

It’s still in heavy rotation on the radio today, and rightly so.

11. Waterfalls – TLC

TLC-Waterfalls-510696 Source: Eil

Written by Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes (RIP), Waterfalls became an instant R’N'B classic in 1995.

People still believe that they’re saying “Don’t go, Jason Waterfalls” in the chorus. Seriously.

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