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Here's how Irish people cope without their own swimming pools


WE DON’T HAVE air conditioning, and we sure as hell don’t have swimming pools in our back gardens.

Irish people are an enterprising lot though, and they know how to make the best of the sun…

They take a leaf out of this little girl’s book

No bucket is too small to make an improvised paddling pool.

via Imgur

Lily Curran and Saoirse Hays from Clonee have the right idea (Pic: DailyEdge.ie)

They make their own water gun

Take one of these:

Flickr/Creative Commons/Dno1967b

Make a hole in the lid with one of these


via Wikihow

They get their ma or granny to help them out

Mary Carolan helps her grandkids to cool down in Cavan (Image: Joanne Carolan)

They accept that hoses aren’t just for watering flowers

Flickr/Creative Commons

And that adding a pitchfork creates an instant sprinkler

Flickr/Creative Commons/JeremyTarling

They realise that washing up liquid is not just for washing up

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