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12 Irish childhood summer holiday rituals

Boogie boarding and boot picnics.

SO YOU’RE GOING on your holliers. Oh nice. Where? Marbella? Costa Del Sol?

Try Arklow or Mosney, where you’ll do these things. Lucky you!

1. Sleep in a caravan or holiday home

Just what you need as a pre-teen. Being hauled up in an enclosed space with your entire immediate, bored family.

11top_right_photo. Source: Gleesonsholidaypark

2. Say ‘Are we there yet’ multiple times during the car journey?

All you had was car games or travel sized chess to keep you occupied until the next joyous stop at the garage.

drivingkid Source: Shutterstock

3.  Boot picnics

A flask of tea with the cup lid was a must.

1-0-L-Plastic-Thermos-Flask-Coffee-Pot-VF-003- Source: Made-in-china

4. Rent bikes or tennis rackets

It’s not a real Irish holiday if you’re not doing an activity you could have done at home for free.

photo Source: BlogSpot

5. Swimming in the freezing cold sea

Tea on the beach to warm up. Classic.

90155411 Source: Mark Stedman

6. Deck chairs are used for everything

Must be hauled around at all times.

90150832 Source: Mark Stedman

90155408 Source: Mark Stedman

7. Fishing in the rock-pools

Oh great, another tadpole.

00095785 Source: Eamonn Farrell

8. Eat sandy sambos and 99s from the shabby beach shop

Mmm, crunchy.

00108793 Source: Eamonn Farrell Photocall Ireland!

9. Play on the amusements, crazy golf and pedalos like it was Las Vegas and Disney combined

header6 Source: Courtownhotel

10. Get drenched on the playground slides because you couldn’t wait for them to dry

DSC00270 Source: cwjoneill

11. Playing board games that were left in the caravan

Always crap, always soundtracked by the rain tapping the roof.

pic1078189_md Source: Boardgame Geek

2e5c93fc5fcb277c88837e18ff8cc045e9a458c2531bfc89e782667c1e66b6f3 Source: Severn Beach Antiques

12. Going for drives while your parents say ‘sure isn’t it lovely all the same’ at fields

It is, sure.

whataview-630x498 Source: Shutterstock

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