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9 times Irish supermarkets made absolutely no sense

Value for money, naaad.

ALL THE PALMS in the world palming all of their corresponding faces.

1. This baffling savings claim

moZnERd Source: Imgur

2. This general inability to grasp the concept of the 24 hour clock

AzVwD Source: Imgur

3. … what

cornetto-madonna-390x516 Source: Thejournal

4. Lads, that’s a breakfast roll

hpHYzpx Source: Imgur

5. Well that’s just mean

FqZwXiv Source: Imgur

6. Nah, would rather just stick with the one, false economy and all

DgACJNl Source: Imgur

7. You CAN buy a feeling, at least in Spar

feeling-roll Source: Mushypea

8. Yep, no sense whatsoever

ik6y24q Source: Imgur

9. But.. that’s not even… oh ok

EOR07 Source: Imgur

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