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spice bag

Irish teens are using '#spicebag' to tag their 'stunning' Instagram selfies

“Spice bag” has taken on a whole new meaning.

OVER THE PAST few weeks, more and more people have gained awareness of the humble spice bag.

It’s even inspiring art.

In fact, the takeaway favourite has taken off so much that the #spicebag hashtag on Instagram is now one of the most active hashtags on “Irish Instagram”.


Mount is on fire nikitaohara_xo nikitaohara_xo

Nice set up lauracullenxo lauracullenxo

Scroll through the hashtag, however, and you’ll also come across loads of photos like this.

Shoulder to shoulder happynaid happynaid

Yep, loads of photos of gals.

#whitagram #freshoutofthecreche #dublin #girlos #spicebag sarahhalpinx sarahhalpinx

Seriously, for every photo of a spice bag, there’s a photo of girls getting ready to go out.





So, why are girls using the #spicebag hashtag on their selfies?

From what we can well, it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to the “hun” persona popularised by the likes of Dublin Hun, Dublin Girlo and Hope Ur OK Hun.

(The spice bag is frequently mentioned

Love when the Chinese take out calls me Hun! avz92 avz92

For example, this Dublin Girlo tweet was included in the #spicebag hashtag, suggesting that spice bag now represents everything to do with the hun lifestyle, as opposed to just the Chinese comfort food we’ve all come to love.

taken aislinggg_power / Instagram aislinggg_power / Instagram / Instagram

To put it simply, it’s kind of like hashtagging your photo “#stunhun” or “#hunreal” — a winking nod to your own hun-ness, a sign that you’re living and owning the “hun” lifestyle.

So now.

You know what hashtag to use on your next Instagram selfie.

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