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11 of the most ridiculous things ever found on Irish Tinder

The courage it takes to open up that app every night can’t be underestimated.

SWIPING YOUR WAY through Tinder is an evening’s activity in itself for many upstanding single Irish people around the country.

Some of the stuff you come across though is either brilliant, ironic comedy or genuinely worrying. We can’t decide which all of these fall into, but the history of Irish Tinder is a fascinating one to behold:

1. Like this winner

tinderinsert Source: Twitter

A trophy and a reckless disregard for clothing prove that this is a true winner you’re dealing with.

2. This patriotic man truly represents us all

3. A surreal and awful bio that takes things to the next level of ridiculous

number1 Source: Twitter

4. The standard fleet of tractors as the main profiler is something to watch out for

tractorinsert Source: Twitter

5. It’s extremely popular across this great nation

tractor2 Source: Twitter

If you had access to such machines you would be mad NOT to throw them up there.

6. A likely origin story for this Irish romance

masssunday Source: Imgur

7. Chainsaw game is strong here

15TQjAT Source: Imgur

8. And farming competency is a must

midlands Source: Imgur

9. Brutal honesty characterises the Irish Tinder experience

vibrator Source: Imgur

10. Along with strange, ridiculous dealbreakers for some

melbourne Source: Twitter

11. Ah, Tinder, everything about the unique Irish mating dance summed up in one app

Single people across Ireland have to put up with so much on their Tinder quests.

Good luck out there.

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