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15 uniquely Irish Valentine's cards that tell it like it is

When it comes to romance, we don’t mess around.

VALENTINE’S DAY IS fast approaching. What are you going to do for a card?

If your answer is “get one down the Esso garage at the last minute”, then stop right there son. There is a better way:

1. This card that says what we’re all thinking

Source: GrandGrand.ie

2. This ultimate expression of love

Source: Designist

3. This beautiful poem

Source: Designist

4. This wonderful tribute to the art of acceptance

Source: Noelle Healy

5. This perfect message to a faraway loved one

Source: Simple Things

6. This touching accolade

Source: Designist

7. This picture of domestic bliss

Source: Designist

8. This potty-mouthed manifesto

Source: Twisted Doodles via Designist

9. And this rather lovely counterpoint

Source: Cártaí Rúbaí

10. Bonus grá: this print-and-card combo

Source: Clover Rua

11. This compromise

Source: Hephee via Designist

12. This appeal to the timeless union of the fry

Source: Noelle Healy

13. This tearjerking dialogue

Source: Simple Things

14. This beautiful poem (redux)

Source: Designist

15. And these two words that say everything.

Source: Designist

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