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17 reasons why Ireland's weather obsession is totally justified

Grand soft day thank God.

PEOPLE IN IRELAND are totally obsessed with the weather.

This is totally justified. And here’s why.

Today, it realised that spring was here, so it snowed heavily

In fact, it did this in the course of one day

Sorry, one hour

Sorry, two minutes

So it’s hardly surprising that a whole ecosystem of memes has sprung up around it

Quickmeme Quickmeme

Imgur Imgur

That detailed illustrations have been produced, dedicated to its madness

Imgur Imgur

That some of the country’s greatest ever headlines have been dedicated to it

Imgur Imgur

(Speaking of yellow objects, let’s not forget that a ‘yellow snow warning’ is an actual thing.)

Oh, and summer? Sure, let’s talk about summer.

There are entire shop displays dedicated to it.

Cars have been customised to cope with it.

So in a country where this can be the view from two windows of the same house

Imgur Imgur

Where poor Evelyn Cusack has been reduced to going on about moon cycles


Where Martin King is so shook he had to do the weather sitting down

Where this is a typical view out the window

Where this man is practically a folk hero

Imgur Imgur

It’s hardly surprising that we’re all obsessed by it.

In fact, it’s just lucky that we’re all so good at talking about it.

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