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Here's what Irish websites looked like back in the 90s

Easier and uglier times…

IF YOU WERE a child of the nineties, you probably remember your first foray on to this thing we call ‘the internet’ just as it began to take shape.

It wasn’t quite as advanced as it is now… or good-looking.

1. RTÉ looked like this

Not very fancy, then.

PastedImage-61799 Source: RTÉ via Waybackmachine

But it brightened up in 1999. Snazzy.

PastedImage-56606 Source: RTÉ via Waybackmachine

They lost the run of themselves in 2000.


Ok this is definitely not optimised for mobile.

PastedImage-687 Source: RTÉ via Waybackmachine

2. Boards.ie

Boards gave a voice to Irish people who found the internet before the Facebook influx.

PastedImage-88161 Source: Boards.ie, via Waybackmachine

Look at what they were talking about. Adrian Kennedy and animated gifs. Some things never change.

3. Whose mam did the shopping to be delivered from Superquinn?

Long live Superquinn.

PastedImage-48520 Source: Superquinn, Waybackmachine

It was only revolutionary.

PastedImage-33024 Source: Waybackmachine, Superquinn4food

4. Eircom.net

Wow, buy a 56k modem? Sign us up!

PastedImage-36709 Source: Waybackmachine, Eircom.net

5. iol.ie

Way back in 2000.

PastedImage-5799 Source: Waybackmachine, iol.ie

6. The Damien Rice message board, anyone?

PastedImage-33922 Source: Waybackmachine, damienrice.com

7. Ireland.com

There wasn’t much on the site back in 1996, state of that banner.

PastedImage-66023 Source: Waybackmachine, Ireland.com

8. Bebo in 2003, before we all lost our collective minds

PastedImage-22731 Source: Waybackmachine, Bebo

OK Bebo isn’t Irish, but was beloved in Ireland.

9. GAA.ie

Cool graphics, bro.

PastedImage-22492 Source: Waybackmachine, GAA.ie

10. Daft.ie

It looked considerably less appealing back in 1999, but the house prices were probably much better. You can even have a look here.

PastedImage-33555 Source: Waybackmachine, Daft.ie

11. Last but not least… Buy4Now.ie

Ireland’s version of Amazon, when online shopping was still seen as risky. Ahhh.

PastedImage-55840 Source: Waybackmachine, Buy4now.ie

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