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Poll: Do Irish women actually care about whether a man can light a barbecue?

A poll claimed 100% of Irish women would “think less of a man” if he couldn’t light a BBQ.

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AS WE APPROACH July, it seems safe to say that we’re in the heart of barbecue season.

To celebrate that fact, Iceland (the supermarket, not the country) has commissioned a survey and hit Irish people with a series of hard-hitting barbecue questions.

And the results of the survey have prompted Iceland to declare that “reverse sexism is alive and well in modern Ireland”.


Over 56% of respondents said they felt that barbecuing was “a man’s job” and 91% said that the man of the house is typically saddled with BBQ duties.

In contrast, 89% said that women were usually left to look after “complementary dishes” i.e. horsing coleslaw onto plates.

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But the most surprising statistic of all?

100% of women said that they would “think less of a man who can’t light a BBQ”.

You read correctly — 100% of women polled said that they would never be able to look at a man the same way if he struggled to light a barbecue.

That figure seems astonishingly high, particularly as 100% of DailyEdge.ie gals said that they really couldn’t give much of a shite about whether or not a man could light a barbecue.

The survey goes on to posit this theory…

Could this confirm that Irish women still prefer a burly BBQ beast over the more modern hipster types who favour swilling vegan smoothies to slaving over hot coals?


We refuse to believe that that many Irish women care about whether men can light barbecues, so we’ve decided to settle it once and for all.

Tell us: Gals, would you “think less of a man” if he couldn’t light a BBQ?

Poll Results:

No, couldn't give a shite (1165)
Yes, that's his job (588)

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