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7 Irish words and phrases that English just can't match

A tense silence? “The slumber of the sneaky pig.”

DARACH Ó SÉAGHDA IS the curator of @TheIrishFor, an excellent new Twitter account curating linguistic gems as Gaeilge.

Here are some highlights so far: a selection of descriptions that English just can’t match. For more, follow @TheIrishFor here.


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… isthe Irish for ‘he has a violent hangover’ (literally, ‘a poisonous drop in his head’).


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… isthe Irish for ‘trying to talk while bawling crying’.


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… is literally ‘trout weather’ in Irish – meaning weather that is neither very good nor very bad.


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… is one way to describe a tense silence in Irish – literally, “the slumber of the sneaky pig”.


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… is the Irish for ‘dawning light’, literally meaning ‘ring of the day’.


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… is the Irish for skimming stones across water, based on the word ‘sciotar’ meaning ‘giggle’.


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… isthe Irish for ‘it was raining heavily’. (Literally, ‘the arse fell out of the sky’).

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