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# Minted Royals
Is this really the face of a future Queen?
The Royal Mint unveils a commemorative coin for William and Kate’s wedding – but is that REALLY mean to be her face?

SHE MAY BE a future Queen of England, but that doesn’t mean the engravers at the Royal Mint have managed to nail her likeness just yet.

The Royal Mint yesterday unveiled its commemorative £5 coin to mark Middleton’s engagement to Prince William, which was announced on November 16 – but far from being a joyful occasion, many were fixated on the likeness of Kate featured on the coin.

That’s because in their eyes at least, it’s not a likeness at all. In fact, it looks little like her at all.

The image used for the coin was taken at a polo match a couple of years ago, where Middleton was “swooning” (in the words of the Times of India) over her now fiancé.

William is shown in profile, as befits his current status as a Royal – but in doing so, his other half is portrayed with a far less flattering view.

The Independent said that the image depicted Middleton has appearing “older and to have gained weight”, while the Daily Mirror said Kate looked “far chunkier and older – nothing like her normal stunning, finely-chiselled appearance.”

The coin had, nonetheless, been approved by both Prince and Queen, the Mirror said.

Anyone interested in the £5 coin, regardless, can expect to stump up to £1,550 (plus P&P) to the Royal Mint to receive it in its full 22-carat gold glory.