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It could be you, says Ryanair...

… Or could it? The airline is claiming a printing error means there are more cars to be won than usual in its scratchcards. Now isn’t that a lucky break…

IF YOU GET on a Ryanair flight today, be sure to buy a scratchcard.

That’s not necessarily our advice. But that seems to be the implication from their statement today that a “printing error” on the €2 scratchcards sold habitually on Ryanair flights saw three passengers on one flight from Milan to Madrid on 20 April last each win a car worth over €13,000. has asked to speak with any of these three extremely fortunate travellers. A representative for Ryanair’s PR team said that while none of the three were available to speak to the media today, they would be attending a formal presentation at which they would receive their prizes at some point in the near future.

Ryanair’s Daniel de Carvalho said that Ryanair and Malta-based Brandforce, which operates the company’s scratchcard game, had “launched an enquiry into the printing error”. He warned that the company was “concerned” that the print run, “which covers €2 scratchcards up to the end of June, may contain further print errors leading to an unexpected ratio of car winners for Ryanair passengers playing our €2 scratchcard game”.

So there you go – a Ryanair mishap that may mean good luck for their passengers. And if they should sell a few (thousand) extra scratchcards as a result, well, they will no doubt take it with good grace.