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# Growing pains
11 items in your house that prove you're finally an adult
How many have you got?

IT CAN BE hard to pinpoint the precise moment when you truly become an adult.

But if you have any of these items knocking around your gaff, you’re pretty much a full-blown grown up:

1. Spare bedclothes for when somebody stays

closet2 houzz houzz

These sit in their own special area of the hotpress – NOT to be touched until you have a guest coming over to stay. Even if you haven’t had a guest in months, they still mustn’t be taken out.

Ditto the good towels.

2. A fancy colander

Arty Farty Spaghetti! Flickr Flickr

Yeah, you don’t drain off pasta with the lid of the pot anymore. You’re better than that now, you’ve gone out and specifically bought yourself a colander. This is what adults do.

3. Expensive alcohol that just sits in your house

Whiskey Nights Lauren Finkel Photography Lauren Finkel Photography

“So, wait. That’s not getting absolutely downed tonight?”

“No. We’re saving it.”

tumblr_myyid7sNon1rzik3go1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

4. A real-life DIY toolbox to fix things

Toolbox florianric florianric

You know, because DIY problems happen in your house and you want to fix them. Previously the standard “meh” approach would usually have done.

5. One of those massive fridge freezers

fridge Flickr Flickr

You’ve moved on from the standard tiny shoebox freezer of your student days.

Your new impressive fridge means that you’re actually planning for meals beyond tomorrow and trying to save food for way into the future.

So much adult on show here.

sad_face_4 4shared 4shared

6. Actual greenery for inside your home

Let’s face it, it’s a major commitment.

7. Fancy towels for special occasions

Surprise, Day 68 of 365 DieselDemon DieselDemon

They’re for the visitors. The good visitors. Michael D coming over for a visit, perhaps. THAT level of visitors.

8. A proper piece of luggage

9. One of those extendable mops

XHsarHC Imgur Imgur

Suddenly keeping things clean is a real and growing concern for you. This is the next level. You can proudly show the extendable mop to anyone who visits. Look! It extends!

10. A toasty electric blanket

Misko The Cat SoraZG SoraZG

Well, it’s so cold out. You didn’t need one before, but there is something so toasty, and adult, about owning an electric blanket.

11. And finally, an actual medicine box packed full of items for every single illness known to man

GSK Recalls Panadol Advance Bottles USCPSC USCPSC

No more rushing to the shop late at night for a pack of Panadol. You have it all ready to go. You’re prepared for any emergency, and you randomly have medicine for the most obscure illnesses.

You’re an adult now. Congratulations.

tumblr_mt44hcLYei1sgl0ajo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

How many items can you check off this list?

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