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It's Shrove Tuesday, so here's 5 essential videos for making pancakes

Things can only get batter…

HAPPY PANCAKE TUESDAY everyone. It’s the day to eat your body weight in pancakes or at least have one or two.

Are you sweet or savoury? Maple syrup or fruit? Any helpful tips for making the best pancakes? Whatever way you eat them or whatever your pancake plans for the day please do let us know in the comments.

But before all that check out some of these cool and helpful videos:

This one claims to be the ‘World’s Highest Pancake Flip’, can do you better?

YouTube: brianbrbb

What about this remix of ‘Look at Me Now’ involving the making of pancakes. It’s got 21 million hits on YouTube (Warning: contains foul language)

YouTube: BlackCloverRecords

Want to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge show you how they flip?

YouTube: SkyNews

Here’s a robot arm flipping a pancake:

YouTube: PetarKormushev

Finally, this video is entitled: ‘HOW TO MAKE THE BEST PANCAKES IN THE WORLD’. If you disagree let us know. If not, follow the instructions:

YouTube: learn2bake

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