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James Franco can also make it rain. Joel Ryan/AP/Press Association Images
James Franco

7 statements in which James Franco explains his life

He understands why you must hate him.

DO YOU KNOW James Franco? Of course you know James Franco.

He’s the Hollywood heartthrob who was this guy in Spiderman. He was also the guy who chopped his own arm off in 127 Hours.

He describes himself as an “actor/Yale doctoral candidate”.

In his spare time, he writes a blog for the Huffington Post, describing his existence.


I am sitting poolside at the top of the SoHo House in New York. The weather is nice, things are going well, and I suppose I have a good life.


I like critics – at school all we do is criticize and analyze – but I don’t like superficial critics, and those tend to be the ones that my work attracts. I guess because I was in Spiderman.


I can’t just sit and bullshit. That’s why I insisted on reading to you in the museum café before we saw the Yokoi Kosama show.


I also hear that I’ve been dating Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson. Hot damn, am I a lucky guy.


Of course, this is a fairy tale and we can allow that the princess is beautiful. [But] These are Medieval conditions, so even if she hadn’t been in prison, she’d probably look like crap from the lack of modern tooth brushing apparatuses and moisturizers alone.


I think the best way to describe it is [...] a Britney Spears video meets a Gaspar Noe film.


My first chapbook [of poems] came out, Strongest of the Litter, but people seem to be more interested in who I’m dating than poetry. Oh yeah, I got nominated for a National Entertainment Journalism award for these HuffPost blogs, but no other outlet is going to run that story, right? Hahaha – why would Gawker or the New York Post want to publicize that an actor/Yale doctoral candidate is nominated for an award for something that they are doing themselves? I’m pretty proud of it, but I can see why they must hate me.

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