Jamie Dornan played a pretty gas game of Twister with a fan on The Ellen Show

Lucky gal.

JAMIE DORNAN IS about to embark on his final Fifty Shades press junket, and this makes us sad.

Source: Warner Brothers

He appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today where he played Twister Hunky Hoopla with audience members Tracy Worley and Margie Latondre.

Tough life, girls.

They were fecking DELIGHTED when they were invited down from the audience

Can anyone actually blame them?

So the basic premise is that the wheel landed on a colour and two body parts, and the participant had to pick up a ring and hold it between those two body parts.

Jamie Dornan and Margie got green, hand to back, to begin.

Pretty tame so far

Then there’s purple, ear to shoulder

Do you have to hold his body like that?

Blue ear to elbow was up next

Look at her! Hating her life!

Purple hand-to-shin

They nailed it.

Yellow knee to shin

Unfortunately, it couldn’t be done. Jamie lost, but his co-participant surely was the winner

Poor Jamie

Watch the whole thing unfold here:

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