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Poll: What is the worst Irish accent on film?
Begorrah begosh.
# untogether
Jemima Kirke was well and truly shook when she realised she had to film sex scenes with Jamie Dornan
Even when asked about it now, she struggles to string a sentence together.
# Fifty Shades of Grey
Jamie Dornan's take on the Fifty Shades' fanbase proved my personal experience of it
‘It was a little bit bulletproof.’
# Celtic Challenge
Jamie Dornan and Matthew Rhys' Celtic Challenge is a joy to behold
Get these two in a buddy cop movie.
# movie crushes
Jamie Dornan fancied a cartoon character growing up, just like the rest of us
Who didn’t have a crush on a cartoon character though.
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Here's a list of all the Irish slang that Jamie Dornan translated for Vanity Fair
“Boys a dear, dears a boy.”
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Jamie Dornan can't go drinking in Belfast pubs for fear of being put in a headlock
Oh, Belfast.
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James Corden brought up Jamie Dornan's embarrassing stint as a folk singer
Jamie and Florence Welch also discussed the ways in which their paths crossed in the past.
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Jamie Dornan told Jimmy Kimmel about the ridiculous fake IDs he used on nights out in Belfast
He also shared the lovely way he patches things up with relatives after a fight.
# fifty shades
Peter Dinklage gave Jamie Dornan a helping hand when it came to Fifty Shades
What we’d have given to see this.
# hell no
Jamie Dornan continued his streak of telling mortifying stories on the Graham Norton Show
He literally shit in a bath.
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Let's take a second to ponder Niall Horan and Jamie Dornan's friendship
It’s guy love.
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Here's a look at Jamie Dornan's LA mansion that is currently selling for €2.75 million
The estate agents didn’t include any photos of the red room.
# death and nightingales
Here's everything we know about Jamie Dornan's new Northern Ireland drama 'Death And Nightingales'
He’s reuniting with The Fall director Allan Cubitt.
# jamie dornan
Jamie Dornan said he had to 'grow up pretty fast' after losing his mother at 16
‘I look back on that time and see it in a very blurry way.’
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Jamie Dornan is announced as the new face of Hugo Boss, and he's only thrilled
The ads will run in September.
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Jamie Dornan had a mare during a celebrity golf tournament yesterday
So close yet so far.
# untogether
Jamie Dornan has kept his Nordie accent for new movie Untogether, thank God
He stars alongside Girls’ star Jemima Kirke.
# jamie dornan
Jamie Dornan is set to star alongside Sam Claflin in an upcoming IRA thriller
Production starts this summer.
# jamie dornan
Eddie Redmayne says sharing a house with Jamie Dornan was like living with a puppy
He needed to be let out a lot.
# Ridiculously good looking
Jamie Dornan expertly showed Conan O'Brien how to do a perfect 'blue steel' to camera
He gave it a good shot.
# world of celebs
James Corden has his very own 'playroom', so he invited Jamie Dornan in for a look... It's the Dredge
One order of celebrity dirt, coming up.
# jamie dornan
"I just feel Irish": Jamie Dornan says Brexit keeps him awake at night
Rugby plays a part.
# wee bag
Jamie Dornan had to explain what 'wee' means in Northern Ireland to Jimmy Kimmel
‘Wee’ as in ‘small’. Not as in ‘urine’.
# twister hunky hoopla
Jamie Dornan played a pretty gas game of Twister with a fan on The Ellen Show
Lucky gal.
# Say Cheese
The mortifying bathroom selfie Jamie Dornan spoke about on Graham Norton has been found
It’s as glorious as you’d expect.
# razzie awards
Once again, Jamie Dornan has been nominated for Worst Actor in his Fifty Shades role at the 2018 Razzie Awards
Here are all of this year’s Razzie nominations.
# uhu glue
Jamie Dornan told Graham Norton a truly horrific (but gas) story about gluing a wig on his bits
Greatest storyteller of our age.
# 50 songs of grey
Jamie Dornan covered a Paul McCartney song for the new Fifty Shades soundtrack
# uglylife
Brian McFadden joked about starting a boyband with Niall Horan and Jamie Dornan
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Jamie Dornan, Shane Lowry, Ronan Keating and Paul O'Connell just hit the golf course together
Lads on tour.
# fcuk
The internet has unearthed some seriously retro photos of Jamie Dornan in a FCUK catalogue
Jamie is serving up those early-noughties LOOKS.
# is he there
Jamie Dornan's favourite restaurant in Antrim had to ask fans to stop requesting alerts when he visits
What a service that would be.
# fifty shades of golf
Jamie Dornan was playing golf up North with a ball in his pocket... and everyone made the same joke
# first comes love
A look back at that time Colin Farrell 'married' Jamie Dornan's now-wife on a beach
The noughties were a crazy time.
# Ed Sheeran
This Irish artist's portrait of Ed Sheeran is now on display in the National Portrait Gallery
This article also features his portrait of Jamie Dornan. Two for the price of one.
# phwoarnan
Which Jamie Dornan Is Your Boyfriend?
It’s time you found out.
# paddy's day special
Jamie Dornan explained 41 different Irish ways to say 'drunk' on Jimmy Kimmel
# world of celebs
Queen Chrissy Teigen and her top Oscars moments of last night... It's a special Dredge
All the dirt from the Oscars.
# brown hoops
Jamie Dornan is just as mad for brown Hula Hoops as the rest of us
A wise choice.