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This trans guy documented his transition with an amazing selfie time-lapse video

He took 1,400 photos documenting the changes.

YOUTUBER JAMIE RAINES began taking testosterone when he turned 18, to transform his body and voice to display more masculine traits.

1444257020361 Jamie Raines via Youtube Jamie Raines via Youtube

The teen decided to take a selfie every day so he could see how far his body would come, and has since been made into a Channel 4 documentary due to air next Tuesday.

The 1,400 photos show a massive change in the face of the 21-year.old.

Channel 4 / YouTube

He told Buzzfeed that he didn’t really see himself in his reflection befoe he started taking the hormones.

I didn’t like looking in the mirror, but then as soon as I started testosterone it was about looking for those changes and then every time you noticed something it was exciting. And it’s the complete opposite now, I’m very happy with what I see in the mirror and very grateful for how I look now.

He also said people don’t believe him when he says he’s trans now, but instead expect his is transitioning from male to female.

Take a look at his video diary to see some more of the changes in detail.

10953277_830171730423534_4352776958486422144_n Jamie Raines Jamie Raines

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