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5 inexplicably odd moments from Jedward's new music video

We wouldn’t expect anything less from the be-quiffed twosome, to be honest.

Image: AP/Press Association Images

LAST NIGHT, JEDWARD released the decidedly odd video for the new single, Make Your Own Luck

It stars even more of Jedward’s famous friends – gossip blogger Perez Hilton (currently terrorising other Z-listers in the Celebrity Big Brother house) and comedian Margaret Cho (last seen dressed as a North Korean general at the Golden Globes).

The video follows a sort of Prince and the Pauper concept, with one Jedward enjoying a lavish celebrity lifestyle, while the other appears to live in a car.

We’ve watched the video and selected the most gloriously off-the-wall moments, so you don’t have to.

When Perez spins dramatically around to his desk



We like to imagine this is how he begins every day at work.

When Margaret Cho makes a Jedward cut her grass with scissors

The comedian appears to be Poor Jedward’s boss, and makes him do horrible tasks like cleaning the floor with a toothbrush and bringing her water, which she subsequently tosses in his face.



Why are you doing that to the Jedward, Margaret Cho? That’s just cruel.

When everything goes backwards, for some reason


The significance of this is not made clear.

When the pair finally meet


The Jedwards recognise each other immediately and high five. What’s going on? They didn’t previously know each other in the world of this video, right?

Why are they not shocked and terrified to discover their doppelgangers? So many questions.

When Perez gives them his seal of approval

“That was super fun! I love these boys.”


Perez is simultaneously critiquing the music video while being in it. No, now it’s gotten far too high brow for us.

Watch the full video here, if you dare:

Source: JedwardVEVO/YouTube

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