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The Dredge: Jennifer Lawrence LOLs at people hurting themselves

HA HA. All the very best of the morning’s celebrity dirt!

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt – from the top to the very bottom.

#J-LOLS: Fresh from going arse over elbow at the Oscars the other week – which somehow only made her more desirable as a celebrity best friend - Jennifer Lawrence says the thing that makes her laugh the most is people falling over.

I think when people run into things or people get hurt [...] I just think people falling down and getting hurt is classic hilarity.

What else did we learn in our trawl of her interview for clues she might want to hang out with us? Well, she’s also terrified of ghosts, but in a hilarious way:

I actually get comforted when I feel like there might be a burglar in my house, like: “There’s a real person that might be breaking into my house, it’s not a ghost, that’s a relief.”

And finally, when she wears she feels like “an ogre”. Whatever, J-Law. Just… call us? (Fabulous)

Jennifer Lawrence, looking like an ogre. (Ian West/PA Wire)

#SIBLING RIVALRY: That old charmer Liam Gallagher isn’t happy that his big brother Noel made friends with Damon Albarn. He posted this thoughtful message comparing the incident to that time when Noel got to meet Tony Blair for champagne and canapés (and Liam sat at home being jealous).

Psst – “RKID” is slang for “our kid”, ie “my brother”. All the youngsters are doing it these days.

It’s not the first time Liam’s taken to Twitter to make quiet, dignified statements about his brother.

High Flying Smurfs = Noel’s band High Flying Birds. See what he’s done there? Loves a joke, our Liam.

“Ha ha LG x”

#LITTLE TAYLOR: So this is what Taylor Swift looks like now, as you know. Not bad, like.

Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

And she’s just posted a photo of herself aged six. Holding a plastic baseball bat.

Not pictured: little Harry Styles with a bruised forehead. (Taylor Swift/Twitter)

It’s like a funny, toothy version of that all-powerful megastar from the telly! And she’s wearing a Taylor Swift name badge. COME ON.

#DIDN’T GET THE MEMO: Better late than never, the Backstreet Boys have made a Harlem Shake video.

In fairness to them it’s not bad. Especially the synchronised dance routine at the end. Still got it, lads.


And the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Rihanna was four hours late for a performance some schoolkids had won in a competition. It lasted 15 minutes. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Jay-Z is taking a personal cigar-maker – as in, someone whose job it is to roll Jay-Z’s cigars – on his world tour. (The Sun)
  • Professor Green got engaged to your one off Made In Chelsea. (Mail Online)
  • Clarissa Explains It All is getting made into a book. (Vulture)
  • Kate Upton isn’t actually going to the prom with that kid who asked her. Harsh. (People)

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