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16 Jeremy Kyle show titles that will make you question everything

Did you have sex with another woman on Coronation Street?

FROM THE JEREMY Kyle archives:

16. I’ll marry you if you prove you only cheated 18 times!

15. I’ll prove I didn’t smash your shire horse – can you prove you didn’t smash my car?

14. Your boyfriend killed my hamster!

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13. Did you sleep in the bus station of another woman’s bed? Lie detector results!

12. Who stole my baby’s gold bangle?

11. Leave your fiancé, he had sex with me in a graveyard!

10. Has my son cut up my sex toy?

9. I know you’re cheating… stop blaming the dog!

Source: heavensoverated

8. Have I been having sex with my brother?

7. You woke up without your thong – are you cheating while I’m sleeping?

6. Amanda strongly denies having fleas

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5. My boyfriend thinks I cheated with another man through a letterbox!

4. How could my boyfriend destroy his own face?

Source: candyphil

3. Did you cheat with another woman on Coronation Street?

2. Did my dad have sex on my mum’s grave?

1. Where was my boyfriend when he said he was behind the chicken shop?

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