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nightmare fuel

Historians find human teeth in 300-year-old statue of Jesus

No thank you.

WELL, THIS IS a nightmare.

Historians have found that the teeth inside the mouth of an 18th century statue of Jesus in Mexico are actual human teeth. Specialists made the discovery while examining x-rays of the The Lord of Patience statue in San Bartolo Cuautlalpan, Mexico.

jesus statue INAH TV INAH TV

Fanny Unikel, director of Mexico’s National School of Restoration, Conservation and Museology, speculated that they were likely donated as a “token of gratitude”. Teeth in statues are typically made from wood or bone and this is the first time human teeth have been found.

People have also been known to donate hair, clothes and money for saints in the past, but teeth and nails were typically off-limits.

jesusstatue INAH TV INAH TV

In all, eight teeth were found and Unikel noted that they were in perfect condition.

Oh good.


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