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This new ice cream place in Dublin looks absolutely delish

They’re about to make an ice cream PIZZA.

IT MIGHT NOT be the weather for it, but a new ice cream joint as just opened up in the city.

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Jinny Joes is already a fond favourite in Crumlin, and now they’ve taken their trademark sundaes to Meath street.

The shop opened in the Bullring Market last weekend and the owner Paul tells us the response was great, despite the cold.

Just look at the yummy stuff.

They have Oreo Sundaes

Which are just so decadent

And cups packed with all sorts

Their menu includes Bounty bar and Ferrero Rocher Sundaes as well

They don’t hold back on their toppings

Paul told DailyEdge.ie the shop stands out from your average ice cream shop due to the experimental nature of the menu.

We listen to the customers, and make the change. Kids are so creative, we make them what they want, and of course all the tasting is done personally.

He also says the menu is an ‘open book’, and written day-to-day on a chalkboard instead of a set sign.

Next week for example, we’ve got an ice cream pizza. It’s the usual pizza base, topped with nutella and an ice cream base instead of cheese and tomato sauce. Customers can then pick the topping to go on top.

Cooking and space restrictions means it’s only available in the Crumlin branch, but STILL. You have our attention.

Just feast those eyes

Sometimes they just throw a load of cookies on there

And we’re all good with that.

Proof that it’s never too cold for ice cream.

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