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Famous YouTuber rants about his towed car, guy responsible films amazing comeback

Well that showed him.

IF YOU’RE A YouTube star and something bad happens to you, at least you have a few million viewers to vent to. In Joey Graceffa’s case, it’s two million to be precise.

Joey made a video bitching about his car being towed away as he was ‘slightly’ blocking someone’s driveway, resulting in a $200 fine and a pain in the neck to retrieve it.

Comedian Nate Clark came forward as the man who had towed Joey’s car, claiming that it was more than just ‘slightly’ blocking his driveway, but was parked right across it.

Joey called the tower a ‘slut’ in his video and recommended they put their ‘fat ass car’ on a diet so it can get out.

So far Nate’s video is beating Joey’s in terms of hits. Absolutely raging.

Here’s Joey discovering his towed car:

Source: JoeyGraceffa

…and here’s Nate’s comeback:

Source: Nate Clark

We’ve helpfully provided some Aloe Vera for his burn.

136_Aloe-Vera-Gel-Tube_2 Source: Premium

Via Reddit

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