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The 7 most John Travolta things that ever happened

Ohhhh, Johnny Boy.

JOHN TRAVOLTA HAS pretty much stole the last two Oscars, but let’s be honest. He’s one hell of a man.

Let us demonstrate.

1. His absolute butchering of Idina Menzel’s name

Never forget.

2. The beard

Forever haunting our nightmares.

trav3-630x460 Doug Peters EMPICS Entertainment Doug Peters EMPICS Entertainment


3. Taking a gym selfie with a fan at 3am Justin Jones via Reddit Justin Jones via Reddit

4. That time he tried to book a table at KFC and was rejected

aj1 Daily Mail Daily Mail

5. When he crashed a random wedding he came across in the woods

3XAr488 Imgur Imgur

Thumbs up guys!

xbDRLtO Imgur Imgur

6. When he found his long lost twin but nobody wanted him

adog FunnyJunk FunnyJunk

7. And of course, his grabbing at last night’s Oscars

the-87th-academy-awards-arrivals-los-angeles-48-339x500 AFF EMPICS Entertainment AFF EMPICS Entertainment

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