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# Jon Stewart

This year
# European Parliament
'America was built on genocide': Jon Stewart's chats with Mick Wallace and Clare Daly go live
Irish MEP Sean Kelly also features on the latest episode which has been released today.
# The Daly Show
MEPs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly speak to Jon Stewart in European Parliament
It’s understood they were interviewed about NATO involvement in the Ukraine war and what the Irish people think of the issue.
Last year
# trevor noah
Trevor Noah to leave The Daily Show
Noah took over from Jon Stewart in 2015, who hosted the show for 16 years.
All time
# first responders
Emotional Jon Stewart attacks 'shameful' lawmakers for not turning up for 9/11 hearing
Representatives have argued that the bill is likely to pass anyway.
# Heel turn
Jon Stewart is having the best craic beating up WWE stars in his retirement
The former Daily Show host was the star of SummerSlam last night.
# gone but not forgotten
10 irreplaceable Jon Stewart quotes to live your life by
“The internet is just a world passing notes around a classroom.”
# gone but not forgotten
10 irreplaceable Jon Stewart quotes to live your life by
“The internet is just a world passing notes around a classroom.”
# Born to Run
His moment of Zen: Bruce Springsteen brings down the curtain on Jon Stewart's last Daily Show
“… rather than saying goodbye or good night, I’m just going to say I’m gonna go get a drink.”
# Jon Voyage
Tonight is Jon Stewart's last Daily Show - here's why people love him
Just some examples.
# later jon
Barack Obama dealt a deft side-swipe to Trump during his final 'Daily Show'
Obama also threatened to issue an “executive order” to stop the host from leaving.
# bonny
The 'most dangerous woman in Britain' was compared to Saddam Hussein last night
It was all for fun on The Daily Show though.
# Backlash
The new host of The Daily Show has been accused of being sexist and anti-Semitic
Here we go.
# trevor noah
Here's all you need to know about the man taking over from Jon Stewart
The South African comedian is the show’s new host.
# John Oliver
Politicians in the US are really starting to pay attention to what this man says. Here's why...
Former Daily Show star John Oliver has made a huge impact on a number of debates, since his new show started.
# The Daily Big Show
'How could I make a fool out of a man dressed like a SWAT team stripper with Lady GaGa's hair?'
Jon Stewart’s wrestling debut went well.
Politically disillusioned young people need an edgy, relevant programme like The Daily Show
We need something that will really engage younger people.
# so long farewell
257 times Jon Stewart told it like it is
Don’t leave us, Jon.
# End of an era
Watch Jon Stewart's emotional speech about quitting The Daily Show
Stewart is leaving the programme after sixteen years.
# colbert nation
Stephen Colbert gatecrashes The Daily Show for his own hilarious 'best bits'
It’s become clear to us that he’s won television.
# no distraction
Jon Stewart dismantles the idea the NFL isn't ready for a gay player
The American comedian nails the arguments against Michael Sam.
# malala rocks
Malala Yousafzai on pacifism leaves Jon Stewart speechless
Listen to the 16 year old’s answer to how she felt when she learned she was on a Taliban hitlist.
# foam finger
Jon Stewart returns to the Daily Show as Miley Cyrus
…and it is amazing.
# colbert rapport
7 things Stephen Colbert said better than anyone else
“February, if you had any balls you’d be three days longer.”
# Work Can Wait
How did Katy Perry make Jon Stewart cry?
It was a particularly special duet of her song Firework…
# US 2012
American TV satirist Stephen Colbert considers presidential bid
A poll in South Carolina puts Colbert ahead of one of the actual Republican nominees and on his nightly satirical news show he has fuelled speculation of a White House bid.
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
The very best of the week’s writing from around the globe.
# 9/11
After the fall: How TV and film coped with the loss of the Twin Towers image
The fall of the WTC left many TV and film producers with difficult decisions: should they remove any images of them, or leave them intact?
# Culture War
Washington is comedy central as Stewart holds sanity rally
It’s the left’s turn to march on Washington today as Jon Stewart leads a ‘rally for sanity’.
# Net Neutrality
More criticisms of Google net neutrality plans
American host Jon Stewart attacks Google’s “flip flop” on internet access, and protesters present the company with 300,000 signed petitions.