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Jon Stewart returns to the Daily Show as Miley Cyrus

…and it is amazing.

JON STEWART IS back from his Daily Show summer hiatus, and just in time to mock that Miley Cyrus performance from the VMAs.

In the opening clips, Stewart–returning from directing his debut film in Jordan–is shown to have lost a bit of his Americanism.

Fill-in host John Oliver is alarmed by his appearance, saying

Jon’s back but I think the Middle East has changed him. He’s not even acting American. Get a defibrillator. And two Big Macs.

After continuous shocks, Stewart transforms into a smurf, a prophet, Freddie Mercury, and finally–a leotard-wearing interpretation of Miley Cyrus, complete with wagging tongue and foam finger.

b416c8327fae42254839e0ef34c56c89 Source: Gifsforum

It’s not until Stephen Colbert comes to save the day with a brief exorcism that Stewart returns to his old self.

I’ve missed you so much – you don’t know what it’s like out there in the real world. Nobody applauds every stupid f**king thing you do.

Source: DailyShowViews

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