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257 times Jon Stewart told it like it is

Don’t leave us, Jon.

IT’S WITH A heavy heart that we accept the news that Jon Stewart is to leave The Daily Show.

The political satirist has announced he’s stepping down after 16 years behind the desk.

He’s told it like it is too many times to count, more than 257 times even.

Here are just a few of those takedowns…

That time he called out ageism and sexism aimed at Hillary Clinton






That time he pointed the finger at corporations that “have been raised American, but know in their hearts that they’re really Irish”

It’s like St Patrick’s Day for corporations.

NetDispatches / YouTube

That time lost the head over climate change






jon6 imgur imgur

That time he dismantled the idea that the NFL wasn’t ready for a gay player

nfl imgur imgur

All those times he called out Fox News

Like this time Fox News took him to task for “shedding light on Food Stamp abuse” and offered to “school him”  about the “waste, fraud and abuse in a lot of the programs”.

Stewart pointed out that Food Stamp fraud costs $3b annually…





stamp5 imgur imgur

That Crossfire interview/takedown

In fact, he was credited by some with the demise of the CNN show.

Alex Felker / YouTube

That time he responded to the Grand Jury decision regarding the death of Eric Garner

I honestly don't know what to say. Jon Stewart Imgur Imgur

One of the many times he addressed the Gaza/Israeli conflict

An amuse-boom, if you will.

Lulu / Vimeo

7 things Stephen Colbert said better than anyone else

Watch Jon Stewart’s emotional speech about quitting The Daily Show> 

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