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14 things this year's Junior Cert students have zero memory of

Ready to feel old?

WANT TO HEAR something bloody terrifying?

Most of this year’s Junior Cert students were born in 2000/2001. You know what that means? They missed an entire millennium and they have no memories of…

1. Being terrified of Y2K and the unknown havoc it might wreak


2. And the immense relief when it turned out to be a whole load of nothing


s-l500 Source: eBay

3. The time Gay Byrne hosted Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

gayb Source: Bumblesquat/YouTube

4. Watching quality homegrown television shows like The Fame Game

In fact, it’s safe to say that they don’t remember a time when Liz Bonnin and Caroline Morahan were the coolest gals on television.

famg Source: YouTube

5. Rooting for Anna Nolan for Big Brother

The whole nation being obsessed with Big Brother, full stop.

anna Source: That's Ireland/YouTube

bg Source: That's Ireland/YouTube

6. Mel Gibson being (a) a fanciable man and (b) a rom-com lead

Oh, how times have changed.


7. Sobbing when Tom Hanks lost Wilson :(

wilson Source: YouTube

8. Being haunted by this child’s face in the video shop

Angelas_ashes_ver2 (1)

9. The queues to buy this!

And the pressure to finish it before all your friends.


10. This being the coolest phone on the market

800px-Nokia_3310_blue (1) Source: Wikipedia

11. Spending hours upon hours playing this

hqdefault Source: XxDarkSlayer25xX/YouTube

12. What a mahoosive deal it was when these two got married


91r8EtOzmrL Source: eBay

13. A time when this song wasn’t merely a nostalgic banger

And was actually number one for weeks on end.

maniac Source: James Hawkins/YouTube

14. A time when “You are the weakest link, goodbye” was the hottest catchphrase going


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