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14 times everything inexplicably worked out just fine

Just when it looks like it’s all over, it turns out OK.

THERE ARE TIMES in life when every single thing is conspiring against you having a nice day.

But sometimes, just when it looks like it’s impossible, everything comes good. Here are some beautiful examples:

1. This looked destined to be a disaster

Px7K29F Source: Imgur

2. This was never a good idea, but surprisingly turned out grand

nonono1 Source: Youtube

3. A graceful save

nonono2 Source: Imgur

4. When the battery dies on your drone, things get desperate

nonono3 Source: Imgur


VVlYLE8 Source: Imgur

Oh wait, no, it’s being completely adorable.

6. Blame it on the rain

nonono4 Source: Imgur

A perfect 90 degree parking job.

7. Timbbbeeerrr

IncompleteNarrowGreatdane Source: gyfcat

Worthy of celebration.

8. This guy clearly has a sixth sense for falling people

nonono5 Source: Imgur

A good lad to have around in the circumstances, granted.

9. The patented self-righting bike

vUIMdny Source: Imgur

10. This represents life

43uymVm Source: Imgur

11. Scratching? More like extreme cuddling

9RVveY2 Source: Imgur

12. When you’re casually watching a building demolition

nonono7 Source: imgur

A close call. I told you everything would be grand *tugs collar nervously*

13. There is no way that this is planned

w3KZfoQ Source: Imgur

14. Ah, HERE

DeepScholarlyChital Source: Gfycat

You win. On the cusp of disaster, you’ve come out of it standing up. You hero.

A hat-tip to the sensational subreddit nonononoyes for some of these.

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