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19 of the most Galway things that ever happened
Ah, Galway.

1. The time traffic was bumper to bumper on the bridge

SingleGlazedWindows SingleGlazedWindows

2. The time this person had an urgent need for mobile refreshment

Imgur Imgur

3. The time the Supermacs drive thru found its true calling

Moylough Moylough

4. The time this headline spoke movingly of a man’s pain

PotatoesAndMolasses PotatoesAndMolasses

5. The time this sign was totally indisputable

Imgur Imgur

6. The time this shop owner got up on March 18th and just wasn’t able

7. The time the seafront was a fun recreation area for all the family

cantkillatoon cantkillatoon

8. (See #7)

Imgur Imgur

9. (See #7)

Blue Note Bar Galway Blue Note Bar Galway

10. The time this spoof paper did a ‘No more Buckfast’ hoax, and there was almost open rioting

Facebook Facebook

11. The time this pub came up with a killer marketing strategy for a sunny day

Imgur Imgur

12. The time this epic session broke out on the Dublin-Galway train

T T-Rait / YouTube

13. The time all these strangers got together because a dog was trapped in the water and had to be saved

knobblyer knobblyer

14. The time the city’s street art was better than ever

tangerinekiaya tangerinekiaya

15. The time someone decorated their van

Therandominator100 Therandominator100

16. The time the Advertiser’s Paddy’s Day coverage was too, too real

17. The time someone had an armoured car they weren’t bothered using any more

TheTitaniumWalrus TheTitaniumWalrus

18. The time it was Donegal Tuesday

19. And the time a few people got together for cans on a sunny day.

galwayreddit galwayreddit

Hooray for Galway!

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