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Can you spot what's wrong with this Kate Middleton headline?

A reminder to always proofread.

Royal visit to south London Source: PA Wire/PA Images

BY NOW, YOU have probably heard the earth-shattering news that Kate Middleton has gotten a haircut and (kind of) has a fringe now.

As you can imagine, magazines and newspapers have tripped over themselves to report the news.


grazia Source: Grazia

bangs Source: Vanity Fair

daiymail Source: Daily Mail

Among the media outlets to report on the Duchess of Cambridge’s new do? The Sunday Express.

Unfortunately, their story has become noteworthy for an entirely different reason that has nothing to do with Kate Middleton’s fringe.

Spot the typo…

COzKajGXAAEykt3 Source: The Media Blog/Twitter


The newspaper has since corrected the typo, but the internet never forgets.

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