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# katie hopkins
Australia orders deportation of Katie Hopkins for flouting quarantine rules
Hopkins was in the country to appear on Big Brother VIP.
# Mea Culpa
Ian Paisley Jr apologises for sharing Katie Hopkins tweet about Ramadan
The tweet had linked the Muslim practice of fasting for a month to murder rates in London.
# Good riddance
Katie Hopkins was sacked from LBC, and Twitter is only delighted
A nice start to the weekend.
# gone
Katie Hopkins to leave job at London radio station after calling for 'final solution' to Manchester attack
Hopkins became the subject of a police review after the Manchester bombing on Monday.
# Free Speech
'Harmful and offensive': Complaint against Katie Hopkins' Today FM appearance rejected
Hopkins had been discussing hate speech on The Last Word.
# think before you tweet
Blogger awarded £24k in damages after suing Katie Hopkins for defamation
Jack Monroe’s lawyer said “the price of not saying sorry has been very high” in this case.
# defamation case
Food blogger takes Katie Hopkins to court over tweets
The case continues today in the UK.
# Late Late Show
From lamb carousel to Katie Hopkins: 8 times the Late Late Show had people talking this year
RTÉ’s flagship talk show had a number of stand out moments in 2016.
# late late
Despite pre-show deluge, only 20 'formal' complaints to RTÉ about Katie Hopkins
RTÉ received 1,664 emails criticising her planned appearance on the show before it aired.
# not impressed
Laura Whitmore has hit out at the Late Late Show after Katie Hopkins' appearance
The presenter claims she was shunned by the show last year.
# Controversy
RTÉ received over 1,300 complaints before Katie Hopkins' appearance on the Late Late Show
The complaints were before the controversial personality even appeared on the show
# Pre-emptive
RTÉ already has 641 complaints about Katie Hopkins on tomorrow's Late Late Show
Hopkins is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, and previously vowed to move to the US if he were elected president.
'The bitch is back': Why is RTÉ giving a platform to Katie Hopkins this week?
Popular culture writer Amy O’Connor has little faith in The Late Late Show to “adequately grill Katie Hopkins on her dangerous, xenophobic views”.
# trump towers
Katie Hopkins has been invited back on the Late Late this week to talk about Trump
This will be her fourth appearance.
# Offensive
Council of Europe slams infamous "cockroaches" column by Katie Hopkins as "hate speech"
The body says hate speech has “soared” since 2013.
# Camber Sands
Police report Katie Hopkins to Twitter over poll about the deaths of five men
In the hours after the tragedy Hopkins – known for her controversial antics on Twitter – posted a poll about the event.
# walk out
Katie Hopkins gave a talk at a college, and the students staged a mass walk-out
Hopkins has since called them all “close-minded”.
# dead keen
One-woman controversy machine Katie Hopkins is "super-keen" on euthanasia vans
“They might even have a nice little tune they’d play.”
# Hacked off
Katie Hopkins' Twitter account has been hacked
The hacker claims to have a sex tape belonging to Hopkins. Err…
# punch of an angel
Charlotte Church wants to 'lawfully smash Katie Hopkins's face in'
The opera singer is a bit angry.
# Scrap
Charlotte Church has charitably offered to smash Katie Hopkins' face in
# What Katie did next
Here's the single best result of the UK general election
They’re keeping Katie.
# Open letter
Katie Hopkins wrote a heartwarming open letter to her children and shocked everybody
That’s not like her.
# Barred
Katie Hopkins was asked to leave the LGBT Awards in the UK
Mo’ controversy.
# migrant crisis
The internet responded to Katie Hopkins calling migrants "cockroaches" by raising £25,000 to rescue them
And over 260,000 people want her sacked.
# katie hopkins
Over 200,000 people have signed a petition to get Katie Hopkins fired
Criticism of the reality TV contestant turned columnist is coming to a head.
# The Sun
Katie Hopkins under fire for calling migrants "cockroaches"
She also advocated turning gunships on migrants trying to cross the UK border.
# Censored
Here's how to block all mention of Katie Hopkins from your timeline
She who must not be named.
# world of celebs
Mouth almighty Katie Hopkins might have finally gone too far... It's The Dredge
All of the day’s celeb dirt.
# See Ya
This Katie Hopkins tweet might have just decided the UK general election
Is that a threat or a promise?
# our idol
Kelly Clarkson completely owned Katie Hopkins after she criticised her weight
We’re chalking this down as another loss for Hopkins, then.
# you slaaags
Katie Hopkins and Danny Dyer are having a proper scrap over his engagement, innit
Shots fired.
# Loved Up
Some people weren't too pleased with the antics on The Late Late Show
Some even made formal complaints.
# late late gone wild
Some people weren't too pleased with the antics on the Late Late Show...
There were even complaints about the rowdy audience. Complaints!
# Coppers
Wait, was EVERYONE drunk on the Late Late last night?
# What katie did
Katie Hopkins was on the Late Late and all hell broke loose
Was everyone at the cooking sherry?
# Twitter Reaction
Katie Hopkins appeared on the Late Late Show and all hell broke loose...
Sometimes you think you’ve seen it all…
8 people who actually want Katie Hopkins to win Celebrity Big Brother
Oh how the tables are turning.
# Controversial
Here is why Katie Hopkins' comments on Ebola have left the internet fuming
She’s at it again.
# fat and happy
9 people who thought Katie Hopkins was dead right on The Late Late
Hopkins said you can’t be “fat and happy”.