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Here's Keira Knightley recreating the orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally

Everything has been done now.

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT iconic scene from When Harry Met Sally when Meg Ryan gets hot and heavy in the diner.

Just to jog your memory:

meg_ryan_gif Source: Newadnetwork

Now, thanks to a Vanity Fair promo video for an upcoming issue on Hollywood’s British Invasion, some of their finest actors recreate classic cinematic moments – with Keira Knightley doing a version of Meg Ryan’s finest hour:

The attention to detail has to be applauded.

keira-orgasm Source: Wordpress

54d14dc9d767a59853f6969b_keira-orgasm-3 Source: Vanityfair

It was left up to Judi Dench to deliver the perfect line that directly follows it in the movie from another customer at the restaurant.

54d22714d767a59853f69881_dame-judi-orgasm Source: Vanityfair

See below for the full video, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Sienna Miller, James Corden and a host of other British actors all having the absolute craic. 

Source: Vanity Fair/YouTube

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