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# sugary diet
Kellogg's spent millions to attack calls to limit sugar - but are cereals that unhealthy?
Some cereals have plenty of sugar, but Kellogg’s has funded research to argue that health guidelines on sugar are incorrect.
# avocado
Kellogg's recommended putting cornflakes in an avocado and everyone was like 'Em, no'
There is no need. NO NEED.
# Sugar Tax
How the sugar-trafficking food industry paid scientists to tell us fat, not sugar, was the real problem
Researchers, funded by the food industry, overstated the importance of fat and cholesterol, while downplaying studies on sugar, new documents show.
# super cereal
Every Irish household had these Simpsons magnets on the fridge in the 2000s
And many of them still do, no doubt.
# pornflakes
You can now pay €16 for a box of 'artisan' cornflakes
Burn this world.
# Hunger
A huge number of Irish adults are worried about not having enough money to buy food
A full third of Irish parents with young children are concerned about feeding their family.
# all i want
Kellogg's agree to axe music from new ad after Kodaline controversy
But the cereal company maintain their song was an “original”.
# all i want
Kodaline think that Kellogg's new ad sounds VERY familiar
Kellogg’s are now ‘looking into the facts’.
# seems very unorthodox
The little girl from the Kelloggs ad got married this year
In other news: You’re really old.
# Nostalgia
7 of the best sporting prizes from cereal boxes
They just don’t make them like they used to anymore.
# Food
World's biggest food companies 'failing millions of people'
Research by Oxfam shows ten of the world’s largest companies are ranking low in terms of ethical standards.
# slurp
Cereal companies hoping you'll 'drink' your breakfast
Kellogg is one of the companies getting ready to roll out the quick-fix breakfast shakes, claiming they are as nutritious as a bowl of cereal and milk. Could you see yourself imbibing them regularly?
# Breakfast
Special K recalls cereal in US over broken glass fears
The company said the limited recall was a precautionary move.
Jedward to replace Coco the Monkey as faces of Coco Pops
The hyperactive Lucan twins will feature in a new advertising campaign – but Coco the Monkey’s not being retired yet.
# Jobs
Kellogg's to create 50 new jobs in Dublin for marketing, sales, finance