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Every Irish household had these Simpsons magnets on the fridge in the 2000s

And many of them still do, no doubt.

BACK IN THE GOOD old days of finding toys in cereal boxes, an obsession began to grow amongst Irish families. That obsession? Collecting these Simpsons fridge magnets.

2003-Coco-Pops-Simpsons-Magnets Source: Cerealoffers

The magnets came free in boxes of Kellogg’s cereal in the early 2000s – getting all five was every Irish child’s goal in life. But it wasn’t easy.

You ate through boxes and boxes of cereal in the hopes of finding a different one

bd7423fdb9e7fac3a4c344332ceb3c1d Source: Pinterest

“C’MON HOMER! …Feck sake. Another Lisa.”

It was a common goal for the whole family to strive towards

All of you, manically eating cereal to beat the band.

Some people had a couple of Marges and no Bart, or some other strange configuration

Maggie was a rare beast

5b8a89d45a3fc37cf56edbeceb0a3961 Source: Pinterest

Lucky to get a Maggie, you were.

A full set was a point of extreme pride

$_57 Source: eBay

Even now, those who didn’t collect them all harbour regrets

And most fridges in Ireland still carry a few of them, faded and bashed as they may be

The magnets will live on for future generations to see and appreciate. It’s a beautiful thing.

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